You know, back in the day my idea of craft beer usually consisted of a choice between Red Dog, Old Milwaukee, or Old English 800; hey don’t hate, Lando Calrissian drank Colt 45 and he was the coolest brother in the galaxy!

I’m not really sure when I had my first craft beer exactly although I do distinctly remember seeing an odd bottle with a duck on it; they were a new upstart brewery at the time,  with a misunderstood duck  logo but it was a  real conversation starter whenever you took it to a party. I remember tasting it and finding it to be the most interesting beer I ever tasted at that time; with a flavor unlike anything I had tasted before; this tasted…like it had been prepared, like it was personal, and sought to be different from the others. It was a revelation to me and a gateway experience; I never looked at beer the same again.

Philippe is a native Chicagoan, an award-winning concierge at one of Chicago’s grand hotels and a member of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or USA, writer, avid all grain home brewer, lover of music, Chicago’s Blues and Jazz scene, endlessly curious and passionate about global culture, food, wine and craft beer, runner – marathoner, supporter of Special Olympics Chicago, Road Scholars Chicago, and world traveller who loves to ramble on about all of the above.

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